You’re probably here because you want to submit a speaking proposal — you’ve come to the right place! We are actively accepting speaking proposals for The AIIM Conference 2020, and if you’re an expert with a story, case study, best practice, or any information management wisdom to share, we want to hear from you.

Speaking at AIIM20 has its benefits. Besides the opportunity to give back to the community and share your knowledge you’ll also: 

     - Gain exposure at the world’s leading information management conference

     - Elevate the information management industry by sharing your expertise 

     - Receive a complimentary pass to attend the conference


AIIM was founded in 1943 as the National Microfilm Association. Since then, our association has evolved along with our ever-changing industry. We are now known as the Association for Intelligent Information Management. Here at AIIM, we provideeducation, market research, and certification for information professionals.

At AIIM, we believe that there is a core set of capabilities that are necessary for organizations to digitally transform.


The AIIM Conference was officially launched in 2012. Our annual event brings together over 600 attendees, consisting mostly of information management end-users, from over 30 countries to see presentations and take part in discussions on the best practices, current trends, and top issues facing the information management industry.

Our promise to our audience is to provide the most relevant, educational, and unbiased content to help you solve your business challenges. When we say "unbiased," we mean product-neutral. As an association, our only owners are our members.


Each proposal is reviewed by our subject matter experts to ensure each session is a good fit both in content and delivery for AIIM Conference 2020.
AIIM’s call for speakers will close September 13th and you will hear from us with a decision, either way.
Each proposal is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Subject matter presents new ideas or ideas presented in a creative and engaging way
  • Speaker is knowledgeable and experienced in their field / topic
  • Suggested title and synopsis clearly define intent of your presentation
  • Topic is timely or near-future thinking (3-5 years) we don’t want to dwell in the past or focus on 20 years from now!
  • Participants will be able to relate to content and can return to their office with real actionable advice
  • Level of audience interaction and participation
  • Relatability to real-world problems with real world successes
  • Submission matches intent of audience experience
  • Educational focus without any sales or vendor angles
  • Committed to sharing AIIM Conference via social media

We will ask you to involve yourself as a speaker in multiple media before, during and after the event, such as; podcast interviews, videos, discussions during the event, blog interviews etc. All activities are to promote your speaker authority and session expertise. 



We want you to deliver an unforgettable, engaging learning experience.
At The AIIM Conference, our participants will be looking to you to provide them with valuable information and first hand, in-the-trenches experience.  Not only will our participants evaluate you based on your knowledge, but also your audience engagement, use of media and how you put peer-to-peer learning to use.

We are seeking real world examples of this concept brought to life that fall into one or several of the following categories:

— Rationalizing or modernizing the information ecosystem
— Digitalizing core business processes
— Automating compliance and governance
— Leveraging analytics and machine learning

Still not sure what we're looking for? Here are some of our most popular sessions from years past:

  • Automation and Integration (Not Rip and Replace)
  • ECM to Content Services: It’s Just Horses for Courses
  • Moving from Legacy ECM to IIM: You’ve Got the Power
  • Don’t Just Think Outside the Box, Deconstruct It
  • Collaboration + Control = Innovation

When submitting your proposal to present, keep in mind that our participants love, and expect to be engaged.  We will provide you with the option to let us know which educational format you’ll be using.  We’re happy to help guide you through the process of shaping your content to fit into one of these formats, so feel free to choose something new that you haven’t tried before; we’ll be here to help!

Here are some different formats that we’re really into:



These super popular ‘group therapy’ sessions allow our participants to really get into deep conversation about a certain topic. Tried and tested, and constantly tweaked, these sessions have been a staple of the AIIM Conference since 2012. As the name suggests the format is set up around a round table. We plan for 12-15 people, but have been known to welcome up to 50 lively participants. 

We’ll lay out a topic for discussion and encourage each participant to share their stories, experiences, pains, and of course, successes with each other.There is no audio nor powerpoint, as the host you will come with some questions to help facilitate the conversation, and get into the hearts and minds of the participants.



Also known as dot-voting is when participants write down ideas fill-in one dot per sheet to record their opinion of each idea. The result is a graph-like visual representation of the group's collective opinion on each posted statement.

Want to try and persuade your audience’s perception or opinion on a particular topic? Make everyone vote by getting out of their seat and parting the room. Can your presentation, roundtable and/or panel debate change their minds? Use this method before/during/after your session to see if you were able to affect change in opinion!



A fishbowl format creates a truly intimate conversational experience with large groups of people.
The session can be organized by placing four chairs in the center of the room with concurrent circles of seats surrounding it to create a "fish bowl. Suggest a topic of conversation, or have one pre-determined, and invite three people (the "fish") to come and begin the discussion. Anyone from the bowl may join the fish at any time by sitting in the empty chair, and one of the existing fish will voluntarily leave. Rinse and repeat as desired with any number of questions or topics. A great way to encourage experience sharing, or problem solving. We'll be thinking 24-30 people max in this session.



Host a hands-on session to solve individual issues  processes/workarounds etc.

Find some solutions for each other. We will provide you with a flipchart and a table, you facilitate the session, share your particular issue and let's crowd-source you some suggestions and answers.  Imagine going back to the office knowing you had many fresh sets of eyes to help guide you. We’ll design these for 6-8 peoples involvement. Nothing like getting a community to help each other.

Remember the last day for submitting your proposal is September 13th.

Our Content Selection Team will review and respond to ALL applications.

If selected, we'll contact you with additional details and speaker agreement form.

Applicants that are not selected will also be contacted. In some instances this may be to discuss alternative approaches or to provide specific feedback if requested.

Speaker Reimbursement Policy: We'll give each preapproved speaker free access to the conference, we are not able to provide any travel re-imbursement.