We are so excited that you are thinking about sponsoring AIIM19! We’re trying something new this year called My AIIM19 Sponsorship. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Each level of sponsorship comes with a set number of points (Gold sponsors are allotted 3 points, Platinum sponsors are allotted 10 points and Diamond sponsors are allotted 20 points. Points can also be purchased individually and added to your sponsorship). Below is a listing of our sponsorship opportunities to use your points on and customize your AIIM19 sponsorship experience. Each listing gives an overview of the activity along with point information and number of sponsorships available. We’ve also put them into 4 categories- Speaking Opportunities, Attendee Engagement, Booth Traffic, and Name Recognition. 


Speakings opportunities for you and your customers


Podcast Interview for you or your customer - 1 point, 5  3 available

Participate in a 10 minute podcast interview for you and your customer on our very own podcast "AIIM on Air" conducted by AIIM's podcast host. We will work together to define the interview questions in advance. Our podcast program average 10,000 listeners a month!


"Solutions Lounge Showcase" Session - 3 points, 7, SOLD OUT

Host a 20 minute demo presentation on the product of your choice, including time for a participant Q&A session. This is a perfect time to showcase your best solutions for 10 - 12 attendees!


Educational Panel Slot - 3 points, 5 available

Join a 45 minute educational panel session with one of your customers. This panel will include up to 5 panelists focused on the "Future of the Industry", led by an AIIM nominated facilitator.


Walk and Talk Sessions - 3 points, 4 available

Take 12-15 participants on a 45 minute walking session. Our venue is located on Embarcardero, adjacent to the marina, why not use the outside to inspire the conversation and provide a chance for vitamin D (bring sunscreen).


Interactive Roundtable - 3 points, unlimited

Host a 45-minute interactive roundtable with an AIIM co-host. Choose your topic and title from an AIIM curated list of hot topics and then lead 12-15 participants as the thought leader for your chosen topic. Help educate our participants and assist them in achieving solutions and making connections with fellow participants.


Techie Table Host - 4 points, 2  1 available

Host a 45 minute session at the AIIM Techie Table located in the Solutions Lounge. Use this time to provide hands on technical advice and solutions for participants. Either provide help for real life solutions provided by participants or demonstrate practical ways to use solutions to aid real challenges.


Customer Case Study Session - 4 points, 3 available

Join your customer for a 20-minute interview-style session while they speak on their digital transformation success story. Since this is an interview-style session, there will be no powerpoint presentation. Includes one additional AIIM19 pass for your speaker.


PreConference Workshop - 4 points, 3  2 available

Join a PreConference session of your choice and teach a segment of the course using real-world, in the trenches examples. Help us bring our PreConference sessions to life with your experience. You will work directly with our AIIM trainer to help develop your content.


CIP PreConference Workshop - 4 points, 1 available

Join our CIP PreConference session and teach a segment of the course using real-world, in the trenches examples. Help us bring our CIP workshop to life with your experience. You will work directly with our AIIM trainer to help develop your content. Included in this sponsorship are also certificates and CIP pins for those who take the exam and pass to pick up at your booth and a CIP Social media frame for photo ops.


Customer User Group Session - 4 points, 5 4 available

Gather 10-12 users of your product together to give the updates, roadmaps, answer questions - your opportunity to reach your users in a session dedicated to customer satisfaction and product specific conversations.


Executive Breakout Session - 7 points, 4, 1 available (Diamond Sponsors only)

A 45 minute educational breakout session with interactive Q&A led by an executive from your organization. AIIM with work with you on content and format.  Includes one additional AIIM19 pass for your speaker.


Engage and interact with participants


Games Lounge - 4 points, 1 available

Host a games lounge for AIIM19 where participants can unwind, and have fun together. We'll have some games to play and seating where they can chill out. Prime area for some great collaboration and conversations in a light hearted manner.


Host Craft Beer Happy Hour - 4 points, 1 available SOLD OUT

San Diego is the self-proclaimed capital of craft beer so why not host the AIIM19 Craft Beer Happy Hour in our Solutions Lounge? We'll make sure that all things craft beer happy hour are branded with your name and the bars are located as close as possible to your booth. Feel free to provide napkins, coozies, and/or the fun :)


Host PreCon Happy Hour - 4 points, 1 available

A great way to end a full day of learning at the precons is by hosting these participants for a Happy Hour. Take the opportunity to engage the attendees in conversations about what they learned and how you can help bring that to life.


Offsite Private dinner; 15 registrants - 4 points, 1 available

Looking to host a unique dining experience during the opening night of AIIM19? You develop and manage the experience for the participants and AIIM will take care of the invitations. We'll work with you on the ideal participant to ensure you host who you want. Dinner for 20 registrants is available for 5 points.


Braindates - 6 points, 1 available

Join us as a partner with peer-to-peer learning experts Braindates! As the exclusive Braindates sponsor, you will receive; branding on all Braindates pages, emails, and signage. Early access to Braindates portal to post Braindates sessions by sponsor staff, the ability to name 4-5 Braindates meeting locations. In addition, you will receive brainding on-site by providing pens and paper for each Braindate location and logos on "I Braindated at AIIM19" pin badges. 


Social Responsibility - 6 points, 1 available

Social responsibility at The AIIM Conference began three years ago. A popular element of the event where everyone is encouraged to participate as a community.
At previous events we've donated 200 pairs of decorated TOMS shoes to a local children's and family charity in New Orleans, creating S.T.E.M puzzles and Morse Code bracelets for local underprivileged children in the Orlando area. Last year we filled 500 welcome bags for the onboarding for local San Antonio non-profit girls, inc. for 500 girls entering their program. Want to align your company with our social responsibility efforts? Stay tuned to what we have planned for this year!


Delight participants with activities and/or treats at your booth.


2-Time Use of Postal Mailing List - 1 point, 5, 3 available

Want to contact our participants pre-event? With this option, you can promote a giveaway at your booth, one of your sessions or other sponsorship opportunities! Once AIIM approves of your mailing piece, we send our registration list to a 3rd party mailing house (of your choice) and they send out your mailing. Sponsor covers the cost of the mailing house.


Raffle Giveaway - 2 points,  3 available, SOLD OUT

You provide the prize (region of $1000 gift) and AIIM will promote your giveaway in both digital signage and the event app.


Unique Food or Drink - 3 points, 4 available

Host a bespoke food or drink item at your booth (we'll work with you on selections and timing)- think along the lines of ice cream sundaes, candy station, cupcakes, mojitos, etc.


Relaxation Station - 3 points, 1 available, SOLD OUT

Host a 4 hour timeslot for participants to come and unwind at your booth while you host massage chairs and some hands-on shoulder massage.


Magician - 3 points, 1 available

Delight attendees during our welcome reception with the lure of magic at your booth.


Fortune Teller - 3 points, 1 available, SOLD OUT

Host a fortune teller at your booth during the Welcome Reception - be the one to tell the participants if they are on track with their IIM goals.


Host Keynote Book Signing - 3 points, 1 available

Host the keynote book signings at your booth, we'll make sure your logo is on each of the books and all associated announcements.


Photobooth - 4 points, 1 available

Throughout AIIM19 we'll have a photobooth available for some fun candid photos of our participants together. Host this with your logo on the backdrop and a chance to jump in each photo.


Second Turn-Key Booth - 6 points SOLD OUT

Want that larger booth space? Then order up a double booth. You'll get twice the footprint than the single space. All furniture comes doubled.


Your name "in lights" all around AIIM19!


Pre-Event Webinar Exposure - 1 point, 1 available SOLD OUT

During the AIIM19 PreEvent Webinar (reg 150) AIIM will be sure to dedicate a slide to your involvement with any sessions or giveaways you are planning. Get a jumpstart on the participants calendar and thinking. This webinar usually takes place 2 weeks prior to the event.


Bag Insert - 1 point, 8 available

Develop and provide a custom flyer for insert into each conference bag. Drive attendees to your booth from the get-go. Sponsor provides the insert upon AIIM approval.


Water Bottles - 3 points, SOLD OUT

Help keep AIIM19 green by providing reuseable water bottles to our participants! Brand them with your company logo and give our participants a reuseable keepsake.


Attendee Bags - 4 points, 1 available

Provide a custom branded bag for each participant to use during AIIM19. Also provide an insert of your choosing - either a gift, or a flyer. Whatever fits your marketing and into the bag!


Conference Lanyards - 5 points, 1 available SOLD OUT

Provide all participants with lanyards for the event. Have your logo prominently displayed for 3 days on each participant.


Event T-Shirt - 5 points, 1 available

Sponsor the AIIM19 event T-shirt. Your logo or phrase on the back of the AIIM19 T-shirt distributed to all participants. We'll work with you on how you'd like to distribute these onsite.

Interested in Sponsoring?

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